Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Cor de Wit

Principal Investigator: Endothel and Microcirculation

University of Luebeck
Institute of Physiology
Ratzeburger Allee 160
D-23562 Luebeck

Building 61, Room 109 (1st floor)

Phone:+49 (0) 451 3101 7310
Fax:+49 (0) 451 3101 7305

Member in scientific societies:

German Physiologic Society
Chairman of the working group Circulation (since 2013)

German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology
Member of the Executive Comittee (since 2000)
President of the Society (2003)
Treasurer of the Society (since 2010)

European Society for Microcirculation
General Award Committee (seit 2005)

European Society for Cardiology
Member of the Nucleus of the Working Group for Microcirculation and Coronary Pathophysiology (2000-2006, 2008 -)
Chairman of the Working Group for Microcirculation and Coronary Pathophysiology (2010-2012)

The Microcirculatory Society Inc.

Member of Editorial Boards:

Editorial Board:
Journal of Vascular Research (since 2007)
Pflügers Archiv – European Journal of Physiology (since 2011)
Microcirculation (2003-2009)
Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine (since 2010)

Associate Editor:
Frontiers in Vascular Physiology (since 2010)

Curriculum Vitae University (Medical School) 1982-1989 Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen Medical University Luebeck Physician Clinical Practice 1989-1990 Department of Internal Medicine Medical University Luebeck Approbation Dec 1990 MD (Physician’s license) Dissertation Dec 1990 Department of Internal Medicine Medical University Luebeck (Prof. Dr. K. Sack) Research fellow 1991-1995 Department of Physiology, University Luebeck 1995-1998 Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz Junior group leader 1998-2003 Department of Physiology Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Habilitation Sep 2001 University lecturer at the faculty of medicine of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich in Physiology Associate professor (Hochschuldozent) Oct 2003 Department of Physiology, University Luebeck Full professor May 2007 Department of Physiology, University Luebeck

Selected publications


Siegl D, Koeppen M, Wölfle SE, Pohl U, de Wit C
Myoendothelial coupling is not prominent in arterioles within the mouse cremaster microcirculation in vivo
Circ Res 97, 781-788, 2005


Wölfle SE, de Wit C
Intact endothelium-dependent dilation and conducted responses in resistance vessels of hypercholesterolemic mice in vivo
J Vasc Res 42: 475-482, 2005


Koeppen M, Feil R, Siegl D, Feil S, Hofmann F, Pohl U, de Wit C
cGMP-dependent protein kinase mediates NO- but not acetylcholine-induced dilations in resistance vessels in vivo
Hypertension 44: 952-955, 2004


de Wit C
Connexins pave the way for vascular communication
News Physiol Sci 19: 148-153, 2004


de Wit C, Roos F, Bolz SS, Pohl U
Lack of vascular connexin40 is associated with hypertension and irregular arteriolar vasomotion
Physiol Gen 13:169-177, 2003


Hoepfl B, Rodenwaldt B, Pohl U, de Wit C
EDHF, but not NO or prostaglandins, is critical to evoke a conducted dilation upon ACh in hamster arterioles
Am J Physiol 283: H996-H1004, 2002


de Wit, C, Roos F, Bolz St-S, Kirchhoff S, Krüger O, Willecke K, Pohl U
Impaired conduction of vasodilation along arterioles in connexin40 deficient mice
Circ Res 86: 649-655, 2000